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The COMAND Technology Gateway at TUS: Midlands provides industry-specific technology solutions for business across a variety of media channels. It is heavily focused on the research and development of future interactive media technologies, with a particular emphasis in cross-platform software, mobile media clouds, AR/VR applications, and Internet of Things interoperability. COMAND’s goal is to transfer these technologies to industry to maximize commercial benefit.  

Anthony Cunningham, COMAND Gateway Manager, refers to the gateway as a ‘leading open access point for Industry providing companies with the opportunity to avail of collaborative expertise in all sectors of connected media applications delivery’. The Gateway team works closely with industrial collaborators in all sectors of connected media applications delivery and collaborates with companies ranging in size from start-ups and SMEs to multinationals and are known to have vast expertise assisting  industry and academic partners worldwide. 

“Test before Invest” labs 

The range of expertise available at COMAND has seen a number of “Test before Invest” labs being established. These labs funded by Enterprise Ireland, cover a range of digitalization technologies, including a unique robotics training facility, in collaboration with SFI Confirm Centre for smart manufacturing, as well as an Industry 4.0 production line, Immersive eXtended Reality suite, and high-performance Edge / Cloud computing devices.  

Autonomous Mobile Robots Evaluation lab 

Based within the Software Research Institute (SRI) in TUS Midlands, the Autonomous Mobile Robots Evaluation lab is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, including several autonomous mobile robots (AMR), robotic arm top modules for AMRs, top cart systems, top roller systems, humanoid robots, and fleet management software. The AMRs have the ability to comprehend their surroundings, manoeuvre around fixed or changeable obstacles, and complete their jobs in the most efficient way possible thanks to enhanced sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.  

The installation of AMRs can offer companies rapid implementation, modularized deployment, enhanced operational flexibility, and operational safety. Whilst applications of such may include supply chain and logistics automation, healthcare and medtechs, mobile humanoid service robotics interacting with humans in a variety of social and commercial scenarios, and fleet management of multiple mobile robots. 

According to Anthony ‘the new Autonomous Mobile Robots Evaluation Lab allows companies to gain an understanding of the use and benefits of AMR technology and its combination with other technologies, e.g. AI, AR/VR and 5G, and to evaluate the application of the technologies for their own use prior to investment.  

Anthony encourages companies who may have this particular industry need to get in touch with the Gateway and highlights that by ‘choosing to collaborate with COMAND, companies will be provided with the required expertise, knowledge and support to trial domain specific applications; educate/train industry staff; and demo their applications in a cost effect manner’ 

For more information on COMAND Technology Gateway please contact the COMAND Gateway Manager, Anthony Cunningham, see contact details below:

 Phone number: +353 90 648 3096 



Twitter: @aitsri 

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