Engineering, Materials and Design (EMD)

The EMD Ireland Cluster is a consortium of seven specialised Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways operating within the engineering, materials and design sector. The Cluster brings together a range of expertise, facilities and equipment for companies who are looking to access Research, Development and Innovation knowledge in areas such as energy, precision engineering, biotechnology, polymers, protective coatings, prototype design, medical imaging technologies and 3D medal additive manufacturing.

The EMD Ireland Cluster team, consisting of 7 Gateway Managers and a range of Business Development researchers and engineers strives to provide companies with the necessary aids and supports required to drive the development of research and innovation within Irish industry. By choosing to collaborate with the cluster, companies throughout the island of Ireland can investigate innovation solutions availing of the considerable resources within the member Gateways. EMD Ireland’s Gateways work together to achieve a cohesive approach to innovation solutions in a manner that is time and budget effective.

The EMD cluster

Case studies

The EMD Ireland Cluster collaborates with a wide range of companies on many different types of projects. Check out this selection of case studies highlighting some of our work. To see more, explore the entire EMD catalogue.

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