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Ongoing developments of the Nimbus Mixed Reality Innovation Lab

Exciting times ahead over the next few weeks as Nimbus continue to develop a Mixed Reality Innovation Lab. Our Mixed Reality Innovation lab consists of the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to support and grow our innovation capacity to service the needs of Industry 4.0 client requirements. The Mixed Reality Innovation lab is a dedicated, adaptable space and immersive environment optimally suited for Industry 4.0 digital transformation needs which cover a broad range of applications and use cases including: learning, simulation training, measuring operational effectiveness, equipment & facilities maintenance, and safety monitoring, to name just a few.

This initiative was supported through Enterprise Ireland Capital Call Equipment Fund, where Nimbus researchers now look forward to working closely with Industry partners to creatively explore, design, develop and test the latest advancements in AR/MR technologies concentrated upon solving the needs of Industry 4.0. Within industrial and manufacturing domains there is a growing demand for VR/AR/MR applications as to resolve the many challenges faced towards improving operational effectiveness balanced with ensuring high safety regulations and standards are met.

Industry 4.0 and associated Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are making an impact upon making processes more streamlined and so delivering cost effectiveness. There is a growing demand towards exploring and leveraging from CPS, where many new services and business models are emerging. VR/AR technologies have been previously used to good effect across many domains. However, conventional standalone AR/VR applications should be distinguished from Nimbus research objectives where we concentrate upon the challenges of developing applications associated with digital twin technologies, which presents real-time data attained from CPS (smart objects/unmonumental conditions – e.g. temp, motion, strain, humidity) user interactions (gestures, posture/motion capture, eye tracking, touch events) and even physiological information (heart rate, blood pressure, temp etc) which deliver more immersive, contextual and meaningful experiences in which this potential can be untapped and extended further using conventional serious games, training environments and artefacts (manufacturing equipment, control systems) infused with CPS.

The Mixed Reality Innovation Lab consists of:

  • High performance DELL Alienware Aurora R8 PCs & Laptops
  • Samsung Flip Mobile Interactive Whiteboards, interactive pen & touch displays
  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Creative Pen Displays
  • Cameras, Mics & Tripods (Recording, Live Streaming, Video Encoder)
  • Virtual Reality Headsets
    • HTC Vive Pros
    • HTC Vive Cosmos
    • Oculus Quests
    • HTC Vive Trackers
  • Mixed Reality
    • Hololens 2 Mixed Reality Headsets
  • 360 VR Cameras
    • Insta360 Pro Cameras
  • Artec Handheld 3D scanners
    • Artec Space Spider Scanner
    • Artec Eva Scanner
  • Motion Capture Studio
    • Rokooko motion capture markerless suits and gloves

Trussing System, Green Screen & Lighting Rig

This is a room frame consisting of interconnected structural elements which where motion capture cameras, lighting, microphones, hardware and sensors can be attached to. The trussing system can be reconfigured according to our industry partners needs or depending on each use case. Tracking Systems (Full Motion capture) & Eye Tracking (Integrated within AR/VR Headsets) for the purpose of tracking and recording the 3D movement of people or objects within the VR/AR/MR innovation lab during simulation scenarios.

For further information on training or collaboration please contact Kevin O’Mahony at kevin.omahony@cit.ie or Brian Cahill at brian.cahill@cit.ie

This post was originally published on the Nimbus Website.

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