Shannon ABC: A Unique Collaboration between MTU Kerry and TUS Midwest

Shannon ABC Team standing on steps

Shannon ABC is a commercially focused, state of the art, Research Centre and Technology Gateway, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of researchers with commercial specialists in areas such as Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food & Drink, Life Science and Pharmaceutical. 

Shannon ABC is unique to the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network, as it is a collaboration between two Technological Universities – Munster Technological University and the Technological University of the Shannon. The facilities are co-located between the two campuses, MTU Kerry and TUS Midwest, providing excellence in applied research, regionally and nationwide. The Gateway delivers close to market solutions for industry, acting as an access point to wider research resources and infrastructure and responds to the challenges of Industry through the sustainable development of viable and cost-effective processes and products from bio-resources.   

The co-location of Shannon ABC is a dynamic collaboration. Staff are based across both sites, projects are delivered across both sites and the staff and students meet on regular occasions to share research experiences and new techniques and technologies. This active collaboration means that when a company works with Shannon ABC they are getting access to the full potential across both sites in MTU Kerry and TUS Midwest, as well as access to the wider MTU Cork and TUS Midlands community.  

Expert Advice and Knowledge:  

Working with Shannon ABC opens up many areas of opportunity for industry, and those who choose to collaborate with the Gateway can avail of considerable interconnected resources. This, together with the abundance of expertise and knowledge, makes it the ideal environment for the development of innovative thinking.  

Shannon ABC has developed significant expertise in bioresource detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation, collaborating with industry and other research centres in order to deliver this expertise in applied settings. The team also have wide experience working with industry in areas such as: 

  • Bioeconomy and Bioresources 
  • Analytical and Research Solutions 
  • Microbial Biotechnology 
  • Cell Biology 
  • Food Innovation 

The approach improves client competitiveness and competence, facilitating the transfer of innovative scientific solutions. Through strategic short, medium and long-term partnerships Shannon ABC provides creative, innovative solutions to industry’s challenges as well as access to their research-based pipeline of commercially focused technology offerings. 

Range of Specialised Equipment:   

Shannon ABC has a substantial range of specialised equipment, based within MTU and TUS, which is available to enhance a company’s R&D experience. 

Below is some of the equipment available: 

  • Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (LC-MS) 
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS) 
  • Cell culture suite 
  • Multiplex ELISA  
  • Calorimeter 
  • Fluorescence Microscope 
  • Freeze Dryer 
  • Microalgal Food Grade Suite 

See here for the full list of equipment available. 

Facilities and Laboratories: 

The facilities at Shannon ABC are co-located between the MTU Kerry campus and the TUS Midwest campus. 

This co-location allows industry and research partners to take advantage of the synergistic skills and wide range of equipment available at the two locations. Facilities are also available for industry to access with their own staff; with a number of companies who have based themselves in Shannon ABC for periods of time from a few months, to several years. Companies based in Shannon ABC can avail of equipment and facilities across both sites. 

Shannon ABC laboratories are customised and future-proofed for wide ranging biotechnological and analytical capabilities including dedicated research bench space, analytical suites, raw material processing, HEPA filtered microbial suite and tissue culture suite and fermentation suite. Access to laboratories is controlled and restricted to authorised personnel only. 

Dedicated Gateway team:  

Shannon ABC has a dedicated Gateway Manager and a team of expert business development scientists, across both campuses, who are geared to help with your company’s individual needs. Working together to achieve a cohesive approach in a manner that is time and budget effective. 

Dr Tim Yeomans, Shannon ABC Technology Gateway Manager encourages companies to consider collaborating with Shannon ABC and highlights how co-location can be beneficial for all involved.

“The collaboration between MTU and TUS in terms of Shannon ABC is one of real substance – researchers, students and business development staff work under the banner of Shannon ABC, whether the work is done in MTU or TUS is irrelevant; the key thing is that the project is delivered. Companies often may not realise that part of their work was carried out at one or other location, other times this capability may be the reason that a company chooses to work with us. The capabilities across both sites are incredibly complementary and it is hugely satisfying when joint projects are delivered successfully, only having been possible from having access to both sites“ 

Find out more about Shannon ABC here. You can also follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for all the latest news. 

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