Technology Gateways by Region 

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Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways work in partnership with Technological Universities and Institutes of Technology across Ireland. Each Gateway is funded by Enterprise Ireland to increase interactions with Irish Industry by delivering innovation expertise and solutions. 

The network focuses on key technology areas such as energy, mobile, polymers, photonics, coatings, industrial design, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, wireless technologies and precision engineering. Each centre works in conjunction with industry to aid the research and development of innovative products and services.  

Companies can collaborate with any Gateway, across the country, however for those, who may be unsure of what is available in your area, we’ve have put together a quick list to highlight expertise available locally. 


CREST Technology Gateway (Surface coatings) 

TU Dublin – Kevin St

The CREST Gateway delivers innovation solutions for the engineering, aerospace, automotive, architectural, electronics, biomedical and healthcare sectors in the area of surface coatings. The centre has sixty plus years of commercial surface coating experience to provide an outstanding level of service. 

MICRA Technology Gateway (Biodiagnostics) 

TU Dublin – Tallaght Campus

The MiCRA Biodiagnostics Gateway delivers solutions for companies in animal/human diagnostics, environmental, agri-food and bio/pharmaceuticals sectors.  MiCRA is an industry-led technology gateway focuses on the advancement of electrochemical sensor technologies, diagnostic products, and prototype development, and consists of state-of-the-art electroanalytical, analytical, surface science, cell culture and microbiology labs/instrumentation, and sensor/prototype fabrication facilities. 

North East 

CREDIT Technology Gateway (Energy Storage & Supply Optimisation) 

Dundalk Institute of Technology

CREDIT Gateway is focused on energy efficiency and optimisation as well as Energy Storage and Supply Optimisation. The Gateway has expertise in solar, wind and ocean energy and will assist companies to make both their products and their manufacturing operations as energy efficient as possible. 


APT Technology Gateway (Polymer Technologies) 

TUS Midlands

The APT Gateway provides polymer technology solutions for companies in the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors. APT applies polymer technologies for Ireland-based companies who use polymer materials – ranging in size from startups and SMEs to multinational companies. 

COMAND Technology Gateway (Connected Media)

TUS Midlands

The COMAND Technology Gateway concentrates on the research and development of prospective interactive media technologies focused on: cross-platform applications, mobile media cloud, 3D sensing, and the interoperability for the Internet of Things. These technologies are complementary and combine to create the opportunity for new and innovative forms of “connected media” – personalised, real-time, interactive applications – in a wide range of commercial fields including telecoms, gaming, TV, e-health, e-learning, e-tourism, e-retailing, entertainment and digital marketing. 


Shannon ABC Gateway (Applied Biotechnology

TUS Midwest & MTU – Kerry Campus

The Shannon ABC Gateway is based on the Technological University of the Shannon: Midwest and Munster Technological University Kerry Campuses and is a leader in bioresource research – detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation – and collaborates with industry and other research centres in order to deliver this expertise in applied settings. 

Smarter Factory Gateway (Advanced Digital Technology)

TUS Midwest

The Smarter Factory Gateway based at the Technological University of the Shannon: Midwest is a centre of excellence for Industry 4.0/5.0, driving digital and green transformation to support innovative enterprises and shape the future of manufacturing.


MET Technology Gateway (Medical & Engineering Technologies

ATU Galway City

The MET Gateway offers cutting-edge, industry focused solutions for Start-Up’s, SMEs and larger organisations across the MedTech, Engineering and Lifesciences sectors.  MET  offers a range of applied technologies relevant to companies in the product engineering and design application phase. MET’s technology offering includes a purpose-built Medical Imaging Suite, boasting a state-of-the-art Philips Azurion digital fluoroscope. 

North West 

PEM Technology Gateway (Precision Engineering & Manufacturing

ATU Sligo

The PEM Gateway provides Industry-focused research and development of precision engineering, manufacturing and materials technologies and innovation. We work with companies at all stages of their research and innovation journey and across the full spectrum of Technology Readiness Levels 

WiSAR Technology Gateway (Wireless Solutions

ATU Donegal

The WiSAR Gateway provides solutions to Irish industry for the Internet of Things (IoT) using expertise in wireless, embedded systems and power electronics. The Gateway has a strong focus on smart devices and connected industries. WiSAR’s core strengths are applied to three research strands: The Internet of Things (IoT), Health Monitoring and Industrial Control.  


IMar Technology Gateway (Intelligent Mechatronics & RFID

MTU – Kerry Campus

The IMaR Technology Gateway, based in MTU Kerry, applies its core expertise in electronics, mechatronics, automation technologies, software, IoT, RFID and data analytics to address process and product innovation requirements of enterprises. iMar specializes in embedded systems, intelligent and connected smart sensors and devices, automation and robotics, process monitoring and analytics as well as various other areas of expertise. 

Shannon ABC Technology Gateway (Applied Biotechnology

MTU – Kerry Campus & TUS Midwest

The Shannon ABC Gateway is based on the Munster Technological University Kerry and Technological University of the Shannon: Midwest campuses and is a leader in bioresource research – detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation – and collaborates with industry and other research centres in order to deliver this expertise in applied settings. 

NIMBUS Technology Gateway (Embedded Computing & Software Systems

MTU – Cork campus

The Nimbus Gateway, based in MTU Cork, is the industry interface for the Nimbus group. The Gateway develops Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical System prototypes for a broad range of companies, connecting everyday objects and systems and making them smart.  

Cappa Technology Gateway (Innovation through Light

MTU – Cork campus

The CAPPA Gateway applies photonics solutions to industry in a wide range of sectors, including medical devices and technologies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food & beverage technologies and electronics and telecommunications. 

South East  

SEAM Technology Gateway (Engineered Materials)  

SETU Waterford

The SEAM Gateway provides innovative materials engineering solutions for industries from wide ranging sectors such as biomedical, pharma, precision engineering, energy and electronics. SEAM’s unique strength lies in its ability to anticipate, and understand, respond quickly and professionally to industry needs through provision of competitive customised solutions. 

PMBRC Technology Gateway (Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

SETU Waterford

The PMBRC Gateway delivers industry solutions for the pharmaceuticals, medical device, food, ingredients, veterinary, ceramics, metallurgy and engineering sectors. The Gateway occupies an 900 m² state-of-the-art facility, with an extensive suite of characterisation and analytical equipment as well as access to a dedicated team of industry-focused research personnel. 

ICS Technology Gateway (Mobile Services)

SETU Waterford

The ICS Gateway  is a one-stop-shop for industry to access cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced mobiles services and service enablers.  ICS is the commercial interface of Walton Institute and can assist with the development of technological solutions applicable to all types of products and services, offering expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the development process. 

Design+ Technology Gateway (Applied Design)  

SETU Carlow

The Design+ Gateway, based in Institute of Technology Carlow, applies industrial design capabilities for companies from the engineering, ICT & software and bio lifescience sectors nationally. Design+ have the resources for R&D support in the form of additive manufacturing capabilities, rapid prototyping, CAD product design 3D printing, electronic prototyping and design strategy. 

For additional information on our Gateways or previous projects completed, check out our Network page and Case Studies section.   

This article was edited on 8th August 2023.

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