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Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Data Management Platform

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World-class provider of human clinical studies

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is a world-class provider of human clinical studies. For over a decade they have delivered clinical results performing acute, observational, PK, PD, pivot, efficacy, and intervention studies to ICH-GCP standards to advance research and support evidence-based final product claims. Their areas of interest include Functional Foods and Beverages, Ingredients, Supplements, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Microbiome-based therapeutics, and Cosmeceuticals.

The company approached the Nimbus Gateway with the challenge of developing a trials data management platform that can accommodate multiple different trial surveys and task suites.

Development of a food trials study data management platform

The Nimbus Gateway iteratively developed a food trials study data management platform supporting an app (Android & iOS) where trial participants can insert their diary entries, an admin web interface, and a back-end cloud infrastructure.

In each study, participants use the app to answer daily (or sometimes weekly) questionnaires for the duration of the study. These questionnaires include multiple choice, short text and yes/no questions relevant to study product compliance, various aspects of the subject’s health and medications they are taking. This development introduced an innovative app efficiently feature to accommodate multiple trails/studies. An Azure back-end captures the study data for all participants and the admin web interface allows the company to view, export in Excel format and perform further analysis.

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“We have conducted a series of projects with the Nimbus Gateway and have built up a good relationship with the software development team there. We are very happy with progress so far and envisage further future projects with them.”

Barry Skillington. COO, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd.

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials & Nimbus Technology Gateway partnership

The chief gain for Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is the roll out of an app based data management tool that is easily adapted for use in multiple discretely different trials/studies. This has improved the execution efficiency of all relevant trials and data is gathered and processed much quicker.

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