Cyberlink Security

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Using AI for IoT Cybersecurity

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Protecting IoT networks

Cyberlink Security aim to develop state-of-the-art AI-driven applications for protecting IoT networks from malware attacks. Given the lack of security measure around IoT networks and an increasing number of online threats, the problem at hand is to design a smart cybersecurity platform that can adapt to changing threats in a fault-tolerant, private, and secure manner.

Incorporate AI into a novel DNS anomaly detection system

Leveraging the research capacity that Nimbus can offer, software was developed to incorporate AI into a novel DNS anomaly detection system using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. The research conducted by Nimbus identified appropriate models, metrics and privacy-preservation strategies. Nimbus also assisted in identifying appropriate funding opportunities for the company and in creating technical but concise grant proposals.

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Irish company


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“In Nimbus we have found a partner that can help us research new products and services that enable us to better protect the interests of our clients. Together with Nimbus we found the right balance between academic research and pragmatism that make it possible to turn our ideas, through research in real products and services. The flexibility and cooperation with Nimbus has proven to be an essential part in this process. Nimbus leveraged her knowledge and expertise to research a complex subject, select the best model and solution out of that research, and helped start the development of the initial version of the product.”

The Cyberlink Security & Nimbus Technology Gateway partnership

The work that Nimbus has done has contributed to developing a proof-of-concept for Cyberlink Security. Nimbus and Cyberlink Security have developed an honest, open relationship which will lay a solid foundation for any future collaborations.

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