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Developing an RFID system with touch capabilities

Locksmith working

Locksmith services

David O’Toole has been involved in the locksmith business for 34 years. He owns several lock-related companies and has been in business for 31 years with a combined turnover of €1 million. Expert Security incorporates Amiens Street Locksmiths, A1 Lock Docs, Puleslock, and Expert Security Smart Locking. These companies include a retail locksmith and security shop in Dublin, locksmith service vans, door maintenance and an electronic division specializing in wireless access control solutions.

RFID system

Expert Security wanted to develop an enhanced access control platform extending a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system with touch capabilities. RFID2TOUCH is a patent-pending technology that converts RFID to direct touch, which is more secure and convenient than taking a credential out and presenting it to a reader.

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year in business


million combined turnover



“Our experience with the Nimbus Technology Gateway has been very positive. We are very happy with deliverables so far and are very thankful to Enterprise Ireland for their support through the Innovation Voucher and Innovation Partnership programmes.”

Dave O’Toole
Expert Security

The Expert Security & Nimbus partnership

The Nimbus Technology Gateway initially reviewed all technical aspects of the prototype presented by Expert Security. This exercise allowed Nimbus to suggest value-added requirements. A subset of these requirements was implemented and Expert Security now possesses a prototype with enhanced features and intelligence plus a development roadmap, which the company is using as they venture into a fast-track innovation partnership development with the Nimbus Technology Gateway.

This experience has presented Expert Security with the ability to attract investment and a new customer base by realising an enhanced prototype. In addition, the experience has allowed the company to take a step back and plan for future developments with minimum risk. The Nimbus Technology Gateway has tested and confirmed all proofs of concept, recommended value-added requirements and defined a plan to implement such requirements. Expert Security will certainly realise a new blend of high-tech security solutions following this R&D experience.

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