Fitness 360

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Innovation of the gym experience

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Health and fitness

Fitness 360 is a gym encompassing all elements of health and fitness.

The gym experience

As a gym owner and trainer, the client had identified several problem areas within gym use and gym equipment both for home use and in commercial gyms.  This resulted in the short life cycle of many gym memberships and people giving up at home training. The client wanted to begin with the exploration, scoping and framing of modular gym equipment to bring a bespoke and more intuitive design to gym equipment.

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Innovation Voucher

“I cannot recommend the Design+ Gateway team at IT Carlow enough. Their professionalism in effectively dealing with a completely raw idea surprised me. I started out with one idea and after just three meetings with the team this has evolved into five concepts, all of which in my opinion have market potential. Thanks to all on the Design + Gateway.”

Ciaran Cleere
Founder, Fitness 360

The Fitness 360 & Design+ partnership

The Gateway team began with a site visit to a gym to observe the activities and behaviours of gym users. A series of facilitated workshops took place with the client to scope and frame the gym user experience and user needs in and around gym use.

The analysis and findings showed that regardless of the type of equipment, the most important aspect for many gym users was feedback from activities – i.e. informing the user of the effectiveness and progress of their work. This makes the gym user more motivated to embrace gym as a lifestyle rather than a sporadic hobby. In addition to this, safety aspects of gym equipment were highlighted.

This information was then used to begin ideation and brainstorming, which ensured the client had a validated process to ground his ideas. Five concepts were produced around user needs and experience. Viability checks were conducted to consider market and technical feasibility of each concept to assist selection and direction.

The company is now in a position to begin the development of a selected innovative concept. The concept development will focus on designing the selected idea to retrofit existing equipment and target the broadest range of gym users.

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