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Development of a single financial mobile app

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Mobile app

Based in Dublin, Fusion Payments has developed a new platform for customers who want to use a single mobile app to manage all aspects of their finances. Offering real-time, dynamic account aggregation, the app called Pay With Fusion gives users a 360-degree view of their finances across all their banks and providers.

Managing multiple accounts

Fusion Payments’s research showed that people place a large emphasis on the ability to view all their finances across different accounts and financial institutions. This is at the core of Fusion’s planned product offering. In addition, with the number of accounts being used to manage money on a day-to-day basis, an understanding of how and where this money is being spent is a problem the company wished to address, along with the ability to use the platform to action payments.

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Innovation Voucher

“We have been really impressed with the TSSG team and the level of research that they have put in and their obvious technical experience. Very professional, proactive and great to work with.”

Richard Hartnett
Director, Fusion Payments

The Fusion Payments & TSSG partnership

For the new wave of digital banking apps, the route to market has largely been to build a core, prepaid card-based account, integrating some budgeting and financial management – there has been little from an aggregation perspective. Fusion Payments wanted to be the only bank app that clients will ever need, with mobile features enabling customers to manage the breadth of their financial lives in the palm of their hand.

The challenge for TSSG was to deliver a solution that:

  • is fast and easy to use for everyone, everywhere;
  • gives customers more insight and control over their money, saving them time;
  • has one core screen that can answer most questions, with tap/swipe functionality to deep dive;
  • creates a platform for deeper engagement;
  • defines the platform and the app’s functionalities;
  • has good user experience and interface;
  • includes an iOS prototype; and
  • is key functionality-planned.

The company’s approach is to start with aggregation, which will provide genuine integrated analysis and insight. Fusion will be a virtual banking dashboard where customers can do all their day-to-day bank errands, across any account in any bank, with a layer of real insight to help them get more out of their money.

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