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Milltown Heritage enhanced interactive user experience

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Milltown Heritage group

Glynn’s (Milltown) Ltd represents the Milltown Heritage group; a group of local historians and community people who have built up a collection of local historical information which, it is planned, shall be exhibited permanently at their planned museum facility.

Working with TSSG, Milltown Heritage is looking to assess the capabilities of VR/AR technologies to provide an enhanced interactive user experience to tourists to their planned purpose build Museum or interpretive centre and historic sites within a 3 km radius of the building.

Capabilities of VR/AR technologies

This would encompass considering the plethora of story elements, exhibitions and sites provided by Milltown Heritage with recommendations being sought for how best the content should be presented. 

Following a requirements gathering process with Liam Glynn – which focused upon the list of items for the digital database (for the envisaged Museum) and the neighbouring sites – TSSG  provided information regarding Digital Connectivity in the region of the Museum as well as historical sites within the 3km radius. 

Based on this information – as well as the nature and potential presentation options for each of the story elements and artefacts – TSSG provided guidance to Milltown Heritage regarding a Virtual Heritage solution that would meet their requirements. 

TSSG provided Milltown Heritage with a Technology Roadmap that explored the technological requirements for a Mixed Reality platform, hardware analysis (of current and soon to be released hardware) as well as Digital Connectivity needs. This was accompanied by the cost for implementation. 

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“The TSSG provided us with practical and expert information as to what hardware and software would be needed to fulfil our project ambitions and they did so in a speedy and professional manner. Their brief was fulfilled to our perfect satisfaction and gave us a realistic view of what was attainable and a good outline of the course necessary to attain it. What we gained in a short period working with TSSG was invaluable to our group. Having access to their expertise and knowledge gave us a solid footing from a reputable source which went a long way towards convincing some of the people, groups and government bodies that our project could be accomplished. We thank them for their work and their excellent report.”

Liam Glynn
Director and Owner, Glynn’s (Milltown) Ltd

The Milltown Heritage & TSSG Technology Gateway partnership

Milltown Heritage were provided with a set of recommendations for connectivity requirements, Mixed Reality hardware as well as the personnel requirements and implementation approach to realising a comprehensive virtual solution. This included costings for hardware – both Mixed Reality and to enhance the Digital Connectivity. 

Milltown Heritage were provided with guidance around how to implement the virtual solution via three specific software applications: high quality VR experience onsite at the Heritage Museum, AR marker-based exhibitions onsite at the Heritage Museum and a more extensive ‘Full Tour’ AR application with outdoors based AR content specific to each site. 

This enabled Milltown Heritage to have a holistic view of the requirements necessary for implementing the entire virtual solution – with roles defined for the multidisciplinary team as well as the three to four year development cycle. Milltown Heritage were also provided with information regarding how AR prototypes could be developed in the short term and as part of the multi-phase approach to realising the overall virtual solution. 

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