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Integrated car parking management and compliance software

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Traffic data collection services

IDASO specialises in providing traffic, transport and mobility data for use in Strategic Planning, Traffic Impact Assessments, Property Management and Retail Assessments, along with optimisation of existing transport management systems.

IDASO Data Collection provides a range of traffic data collection services from turning counts to origin destination surveys. Through leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud based software solutions we have been able to collect data in an efficient manner and present it in user friendly formats in “Analyser” our data visualisation and analysis software

In order to be able to undertake ANPR related tenders, IDASO required a solution that would allow analysis of video footage and extractaction of ANPR records which could then be further analysed with reports produced for end users. Often enough ANPR surveys require precise camera positioning at various locations which requires a lot of survey planning before a job can be undertaken.

Innovation Partnership Programme

To alleviate these problems and reduce the amount of time spent on processing ANPR surveys, IDASO required a cloud based solution which allows survey planning, ANPR analysis which leverages computer vision and further report generation.

COMMAND has developed a number of solutions for IDASO leveraging the Innovation Partnership Funding:

  • AIT and IDASO has developed a proprietary tool which leverages computer vision to analyse ANPR data and produce valuable reports about access patterns, journey times, path analysis etc.
  • Content management system was developed to manage video files and reports in a structured way with the ability to share this data with third-party vendors.
  • Survey planning tool has been developed utilising Google Maps which allows IDASO to plan ahead surveys of large complexities involving hundreds of sites and sensors by precisely positioning them on the map and assigning related information which is then used during the installation process.
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proprietary tool


Innovation Partnership

“Idaso was exceptionally pleased with the output of the partnership and would recommend the development team highly.”

IDASO Ltd & COMAND Technology Gateway partnership

The solution provided by AIT allowed IDASO to expand their range of provided service, speed up reports delivery and secure large, long-term contracts.

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