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Industry expertise and prescriptive analytics

NPD Analytics Ltd is based in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, with offices in 27 cities across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company offers data, industry expertise, and prescriptive analytics to help grow businesses in a changing world.

Innovation Partnership Project

In the first Nethealth Project (Innovation Partnership Project between COMAND TG & NPD) a full Risk Visualization of the NPD Network was produced.

AIT and NPD developed a proprietary tool which leverages Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to analyze security anomalies, in real time.

Nethealth in production was developed for NPD and demonstrated live Network data which included:

  • 60 Million Netflows  (internet connections) captured daily
  • 15  Security ‘events of interest’ Identified  & reviewed daily
  • 700 IT Security related Incidents raised in 2019
  • 70 Million Application and service log events collected daily

Nethealth was developed from scratch leveraging the Innovation Partnership Model with COMAND Technology Gateway. It is a unique innovation which has been successfully deployed in production, enhancing NPD’s global security posture by preventing costly intrusion events.

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Innovation Partnership

“A unique innovation which has been successfully deployed in production, enhancing NPD’s global security posture by preventing costly intrusion events.”

The NPD Data Analytics & COMAND Technology Gateway partnership

A non-rules based approach to anomaly detection, leveraging the proven success of the NetHealth project. Enables ‘item level’ anomaly detection.

  • Analyzes all elements of each data set it is applied to
  • Anomaly detection based on previously observed behaviour
  • All variances monitored in all files
  • Low maintenance – no need to add/remove checks
  • Analysis runs as close to data receipt as possible, giving the maximum amount of time for investigation and remediation of an issue before data release

The current Nethealth #2 Project is the second Innovation Partnership project and develops Machine Learning (ML) for Risk assessment.

Innovation Partnership 2 evolves Nethealth to ‘Pandora’ where Incoming Retailer Data  allows feeds of QC Pre-Emptive Anomaly Detection for Outlet and Retailer Data.

“Pandora” for Retailers data deploys proprietary analytical algorithms, developed for network traffic anomaly detection, to retailer feeds with both “Nethealth” & “Pandora” machine learning anomaly detection & visualization feeds.

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