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Investigation of mode of action of product for perineal wound repair

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Help the recovery process after childbirth

PPR Healthcare was founded by Marian Kennedy in 2018 and is based in the Questum Centre in Clonmel. They develop products which help the recovery process after childbirth for mothers. Products are available online at and in pharmacies throughout Ireland.  Products include a comfort spray which is for use on the perennial area and the lower abdomen, which helps heal, cool and soothe sensitive areas after birth, a bath and shower wash. The formulations invigorate circulation and also promote healing and soothing of sensitive areas.

Innovation Voucher Programme

PPR Healthcare have carefully developed and formulated their products to be as effective and impactful as possible for wound healing. As part of this process, research and development is key and PPR Healthcare engaged with Shannon ABC to help validate the mode of action of the PPR Healthcare product. Several different cell types are involved in the wound healing process. A type of a cell called a macrophage plays multiple roles in wound healing. In the early wound state:

  • Macrophages release chemicals that promote the inflammatory response
  • Inflammation is a normal part of the wound-healing process
  • Macrophages are responsible for inducing and clearing dead cells paving the way for the resolution of inflammation
  • As macrophages clear these dead cells, they undergo a change to a reparative state that stimulates cells and processes that promote tissue regeneration.

In this way, macrophages promote the transition to the proliferative phase of healing. PPR healthcare wanted to determine how their product impacted this complex biological process.

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Innovation Voucher

“We were delighted with the work undertaken by Shannon ABC in helping us with our scientific studies to support the efficacy of our products. It was a pleasure to deal with all members of the team who were always so helpful and professional along the way. We have built a good relationship with Shannon ABC and we look forward to undertaking further studies with them in the future that will inevitably lead to us strengthening our product range with scientific validation.“

Marian Kennedy
CEO/Founder, PPR Healthcare

PPR Healthcare & Shannon ABC Technology Gateway partnership

Shannon ABC have significant expertise with cell culture; this is the growing and use of mammalian cells grown in the laboratory. A range of human cell lines, including macrophages, were grown in the laboratories in Shannon ABC and the PPR Healthcare product applied to these cells. The results from this testing provided support to PPR Healthcare in terms of the mode of action and the in vitro efficacy of the product. This is a complex area and a second project is planned to supplement the information provided by this project.

Scientific studies to support efficacy of products is fundamental in the healthcare sector. This Innovation Voucher, in addition to demonstrating PPR Healthcare’s commitment to scientific validation, provided the platform with which to establish PPR Healthcare’s technical innovation strategy. 

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