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Intuitive user experience

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Address end to end user experience

SureSitter is a platform that helps busy parents to find trusted local childminders, nannies, babysitters and au pairs through social connections and vice versa. It assists childminders, nannies, babysitters and au pairs find employment with suited families that match the hours they would like to work in their area.

The main issue to address was the end to end user experience of the platform along with onboarding new users. Allowing the user experience of the platform map to the user persona of the people to utilise the service.

The strategy would have to be derived from a UX Strategy programme, to explore and create a problem canvas to be story-boarded and assessed as a feasibility analysis. A set of wireframes and solution feedback would need to be presented in the final report and presented to Sinead of SureSitter.

A set of low fidelity recommendations would need to be created from this strategy, identifying and demonstrating all key application elements whilst fulfilling the business needs of SureSitter. Recommendations here should give a good understanding of the application before the design and build stages.

Mid-fidelity wireframed UI

SureSitter approached the TSSG to solve a problem to their current platform and the first step to the solution was to discover what the user’s needs were and how they were currently interacting with the Suresitter user interface (UI). After working closely with Sinead Asple of Suresitter, we created personas to learn who their users were, to establish their users’ needs, and any pain points experienced while using the current platform and also looking closely at the onboarding of new users; parent and sitters. 

Using the output of this research TSSG created user flows to map out the new screens and UI. Following this a mid-fidelity wireframed UI was designed which helped to reduce the time to complete tasks and over all, eradicate the cognitive load of its users.

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Irish company


mid-fidelity wireframe UI


Innovation Voucher

“Working with TSSG provided us with invaluable expertise that we would otherwise not have had access to. The outcomes of the project were transformative to our business as a whole. We would highly recommend engaging with TSSG for an innovation voucher”

Sinead Asple
Co-Founder & CEO, SureSitter

The SureSitter & TSSG Technology Gateway partnership

Suresitter has since gone on to implement the new designs with their development team and have seen the benefits of the new user flows and the UI / UX process.

Updated features:

  • Onboarding user flow and design changed.
  • Instructional video placement / profile area / requirements changed.
  • New icons.
  • Parent Babysitter search feature now on landing page and not gated.

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