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Upgrading a liquid mineral injection system


Mineral formulation for livestock

Terra Liquid Minerals supplies a liquid mineral injection system to dairy and beef farms. They specialise in the accurate delivery of a custom-made mineral formulation to livestock. This is carried out using a purpose-built controller and custom technology sourced from across a number of industries. Combining this unique delivery system with formulations devised from industry experts ensures a world class, leading product.

Improved functionality

Terra Liquid Minerals approached the Nimbus Gateway to assist them with R&D activities concerning the following requirements for their nutrient injection system:

  1. Controller upgrade and test
  2. Remote access to controller
  3. Message alert system implementation
  4. Sensor deployment to mineral tank
  5. Data harvesting, including depth gauge for mineral tank and relevant system performance parameters
  6. Implementing a mineral stock purchasing feature on a relevant controller user interface
  7. Increased memory of the controller
Prototype nutrient injection system mounted on wall


launch date


new units distributed


Innovation Vouchers

“The Nimbus Gateway has done a great job to upgrade our existing controller and the look and feel of our nutrient control centre. This has allowed us to work with companies like Ergonomic Solutions to realise a new product offering that was launched at the National Ploughing Championships 2017. We anticipate this to be the foundation platform for a more interactive experience for our customers in the future.”

Padraig Hennessy
MD, Terra Liquid Minerals

The Terra Liquid Minerals & Nimbus partnership

Using two fast track innovation vouchers, the Nimbus Gateway focused its attention on designing, adding value, and upgrading the main controller board. In addition, a touch screen to the nutrient control centre was introduced to allow for easy administration and to facilitate future ecommerce services. This project will result in 120 finished controller units before December 2017, which will be distributed to Terra Liquid Minerals customer sites. It is envisaged that Terra Liquid Minerals with leverage an additional fast track voucher to assist with their bulk controller build and field testing.

The chief impact for the company is the ability, through the Technology Gateway programme, to successfully address the business need of upgrading their existing equipment offering to support their customers’ demands, while future proofing their position as a leader in their field.

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