Date: 3rd October 2018
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: WIT Arena, Waterford

Discover how to approach a research unit and foster a successful collaborative relationship with a goal of developing or improving your company at Amplitude 2018. A team of academic experts and industry partners will give real-life examples of how they grew from what was an initial conversation to a long-term solution for the company.

Speakers and industry leaders will outline funding opportunities available to companies of all sizes offer advice to those interested in following a similar journey. But Amplitude isn’t just about speakers; research units will have prototypes and toys on hand for you to try out, including virtual reality headsets.

Who will be there?


  • Niamh Bushnell, Founder and CEO TechIreland

Keynote speaker

  • Keith Barry, Mind Magician & Top 25 TED Talk


  • Ann Kehoe, Global Head of Brand, Alltech
  • Marc O’Regan, Technologist and CTO, Dell EMC

Who is organising this?

Amplitude is the result of Research Units within Waterford Institute of Technology and Carlow Institute of Technology coming together to help industry understand the benefits academic research can have on their sectors. The first of its kind in the South East, this event will drive discussion around future trends, the dramatic impact research can have on industry and how future technologies can be adopted for each sector. Between each unit, almost every industry can gain from working with both Institutes to grow, develop and improve their product, processes or services – no matter the size.

Full details about the conference, as well as ticket reservations, can be found on the Amplitude website.