Date: 30th June 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Online

Would you like to find out more about sustainability and best environmental practices for the cosmetic sector?

About this event

The Natural Future of Cosmetics (NACO) team are delighted to present a guide to sustainability for cosmetic SMEs as part of the NACO project. We are looking forward to welcoming Dr Declan Bogan, co-founder of sustHub, to deliver a masterclass to help cosmetic SMEs understand and explore the key topics of sustainability of relevance in the cosmetics sector, with some peer examples of best practices. Frameworks and approaches will be shared, along with some practical things cosmetic SMEs can do. Bringing new forms of value and impact to your business will also be discussed.

There will also be time for questions and discussions at the end of this discussion.

Dr Declan Bogan – Biography

Working with over 160+ organisations, on multiple engagements, Dr Declan Bogan has been immersed in the world of innovation and sustainability across all areas of business: at strategic, product portfolio, human, service, process, customer experience and total proposition levels. From the bench to the boardroom, with micro to multinational organization, Declan has worked internationally with senior leaders in across many different sectors. He has also mentored and coached many start-ups on their business proposition evolution, all with a sustainability/climate focus. Declan is CEO and founder of innovate2zero, and co-founder of sustHub, Irelands premium sustainability training business. He works with a variety of clients in sustainability, climate strategy, circular economy, engagement, and strategic development. He is also a senior lead in the Future of Work Institute, a Cpl business.