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Nimbus Technology Gateway, based in MTU Cork, is the industry interface for the Nimbus Research Centre. The Gateway develops Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical System prototypes for a broad range of companies, connecting everyday objects and systems and making them smart. The Nimbus Research Centre is at the forefront of cyber-physical systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) research, innovation and learning, developing technologies that address the real needs of industry, people and society.

What is the NIMBUS Technology Gateway?

The Nimbus Technology Gateway provides businesses with innovative software, hardware, technical research, development and innovation support. They are the largest IoT Applied Research Centre in Ireland with over 50 full-time researchers and engineers who deliver 70+ applied research projects per year. The Nimbus Gateway acts as a resource to bring innovative business ideas to life, acting as an extension of the company’s research and development capability.

What expertise is available at NIMBUS?

The highly experienced and dedicated development team at Nimbus Technology Gateway, offers end-to-end digital transformations. Services cover the “full-stack” of digital technology which include communications (including 5G), UX/UI, Extended Reality (AR/VR), Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and more. Nimbus assists companies to develop smart technology solutions, for the world we live in, through the Internet of Things with a focus on devices/things networks software, data analytics, and applications and services. These technology capabilities can be transferred over multiple domains. The domains include but are not limited to, Digital Transformation in Industry 5.0, Energy, Smart Cities, Health, Agri-Tech and Water. Nimbus supports all levels of innovation from idea filtering to prototype development and commercialisation.

What type of companies do NIMBUS collaborate with?

Nimbus client companies range from small Start-Ups to large multi-Nationals and the scale of their projects varies from €1000 to €1,000,000. The Nimbus team are experts in grant funding applications in order to de-risk the clients’ projects.

What services are available at NIMBUS?

Hardware: System and electronics design services, from simple to very complex designs with support available from concept through to production.

Software: Nimbus offers Software Consultancy on various levels Of Technology Readiness (TRL), from proof of concept and prototyping to building systems that are ready to go live in production. The Software Team undertake stand-alone innovative work or work with other technical departments with partners in joint efforts.

UX/UI: Nimbus provide a wide range of user experience research and design services, where richer creativity and finer precision can be infiltrated into our clients new or existing products or service solutions, therefore given them a competitive advantage. The UX Innovation Lab consists of first-class facilities fully equipped (A/V equipment, Design Thinking Furniture, Storage Units, Interactive Whiteboards) in order to deliver hybrid workshops (offline and online). This enables both collocated and remote distributed teams to participate in highly engaging and productive workshops.

Extended Reality: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences can be custom designed, developed and built by Nimbus’ multidisciplinary team (AR/VR developers, multimedia designers, software developers, systems integrators etc…). With the skill sets and expertise that each of the team members bring to each project, along with the new state-of-the-art Extended Reality Innovation Lab, Nimbus can help companies achieve their goals from start to finish with great efficiency.

AI & Data Analytics: Nimbus has a unique blend of software engineers, electronics engineers and academic researchers who work in various areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

What equipment is available at Nimbus?

Nimbus has a range of equipment such as:

  • Environmental Testing Chamber
  • Extended Reality Innovation Lab
  • User Experience Innovation Lab
  • Energy Test Bed
  • LoRa Test Bed and The Things Network
  • High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI)

For more information on NIMBUS Technology Gateway, get in touch, follow on Twitter, or check out their website.

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