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The creation of three Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Clusters have generated an innovative ecosystem which offers solution-based RD&I opportunities for Irish companies. Each cluster provides research and development expertise to industry, of all sizes and sectors. The EMD Ireland cluster, specialising in Engineering, Materials and Design consists of seven Technology Gateways offering expert technical advice in areas such as energy, precision engineering, polymers, protective coatings, prototype design, medical imaging technologies and 3D medal additive manufacturing.  

Companies who choose to collaborate with the cluster can avail of the considerable interconnected resources available within the member Gateways, achieving a cohesive and timely approach to innovation.  

EMD Ireland’s extensive experience in delivery of near-to-market solutions, not only provide an array of benefits to companies in the journey of product to market, but over time can often result in the cluster become an important extension of a company’s R&D capability.  

Working with the cluster opens up many areas of opportunity for Irish Business. Discover below some of the benefits available when you choose to work with EMD Ireland.   

Dedicated Gateway team  

Our dedicated team of regional Gateway Managers and Business Development researchers and engineers are just one of the many reason’s companies choose to work with us. With skills, knowledge and expertise in a range of sectors the EMD Ireland team strive to provide Irish business with the necessary aids and supports required to drive the development of RD&I throughout Ireland.  

Abundance of expert advice and knowledge 

The cluster environment, by its very nature, creates an abundance of expertise and knowledge. Making it the ideal environment for the development of innovative thinking and transferable skills. Working in areas such as manufacturing, energy, engineering, 3D Printing, prototyping, MedTech, design and materials, knowledge sharing is part and parcel of the cluster’s approach.  

Flexible in approach  

Frequent contact and extensive collaboration between our Gateway teams allow for a more flexible approach when delivering projects which may be dependent on several stakeholders. This type of agility is fundamental when working in a clustered environment, pushing the project forward without delay. As part of the wider Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network, flexibility, cooperation and coordination is inbuilt in their DNA.  

Specialised equipment  

Access to specialised equipment can often be a significant stumbling block to many companies. EMD Ireland’s access to a wide range of equipment situated within Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities around the country, ensures your specific requirements can be met. Below is a small sample of equipment available within the cluster. More details on available equipment can be found on individual Gateway websites.  

  • APT: High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography (HT-GPC) system
  • CREDIT:   ZephIR DM Lidar wind measurement device
  • CREST: Nanoscratch tester with Optical Profilometer  
  • DESIGN+: Projet MJP 5600 – Large format multi material 3D printer 
  • MET: Philips Azurion 7 M20 Digital Fluoroscope 
  • PEM: High-capacity universal tensile testing machine  
  • SEAM: EOS M100 – 3D metal printing system 

Project continuity  

Working within the cluster means that, should your project require expertise from multiple gateways, this transition will be managed inhouse by your lead Gateway Manager. This level of continuity helps to create efficiencies in the process as well as adherence to budgetary and timeline projections.    

For more information on the EMD Ireland Cluster check out their webpage or follow on Twitter

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