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The ICS (Information and Communication Systems) Technology Gateway at Walton Institute, South East Technological University (SETU Waterford) gives industry access to cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced ICT software assisting companies in the transformation of an idea through to a reality.  

What is the ICS Technology Gateway? 

Walton Institute is a cornerstone of ICT research and development activity in Ireland since 1996 undertaking cutting edge research blending fundamental science with real world commercial applications. Walton’s aim is to investigate futuristic next-generation technologies, to verify their capabilities and applicability for today’s society, and to work in collaboration with industry to ensure their commercialisation.

The ICS Technology Gateway is an advanced software R&D organisation with particular expertise in communications services, immersive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, future networks, digital platforms and internet of things, whose role is to deliver software technology solutions through collaboration on projects which are close to the market needs of the Irish industry.

 What expertise is available at ICS? 

Walton Institute have a research engagement process, to support start-ups, micro-SME’s, scaling SME’s, and multi-nationals which is a proven successful formula for demand-driven, cooperative research and development. From there they can research and address a company’s needs in state-of-the-art-analysis, software design and development for web and mobile, for example, and architecture development.

The ICS Technology Gateway has expertise in the following areas:

  • Digital / Cloud Platforms, Content and Applications
  • Data Analytics, Management, Security and Privacy
  • Immersive Technologies (AR & VR)
  • Future Networks, Communications and Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

They can assist with the development of technological solutions applicable to all types of products and services, offering expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the development process. Research is what defines them. Whether you are seeking individual support or want to work with multiple partners, ICS Technology Gateway can help accelerate the progress of your product or service.

What type of companies do ICS collaborate with? 

Since its inception, this Technology Gateway has completed projects with all types of Irish based companies, from micro-SME’s to scaling SME’s and many multinationals. They actively seek and encourage collaboration between researchers and external business partners. Realising the commercial potential of research outputs requires the specialist marketing and product development skills of entrepreneurs and industry business development experts.

 What facilities and technologies are available? 

The team of researchers working within the ICS Gateway will assist to analyse needs, to design, develop and launch a digital strategy, from concept to production, using hybrid, cross platform or native frameworks as well as leveraging cloud platforms to rapidly create application for mobile, tablet and web  that will deliver clear advantages over your competitors. Collaborating with the Gateway will allow your company to build beyond simple applications to create multi-tiered maintainable systems allowing you to provide a variety of new services or products to your clients.

The ICS Technology Gateway provides access to state-of-the art R&D labs and testbeds for the testing and design of innovative technology. The labs serve as an interdisciplinary space where researchers and companies can collaborate with software developers and testers to realise their own ground-breaking innovations.

The industry focused testbeds funded by the Enterprise Capital Call have been designed to support researchers and companies in developing their innovative goals. The broad range of equipment offers a comprehensive suite of services across sectors such as healthcare, training, pharma, agri and tourism. These include:- Mixed Reality Lab offers an all-in-one space for exploring the use of interactive technologies and tools. This enables clients and collaborators to not only become familiar with the technology but also, with the aid of Walton Institute’s AR/VR team, to investigate how these technologies and concepts may be used to benefit their business and research used.

– The Smart Material and e-Textile Innovation Laboratory opens new collaborative opportunities for smart material and smart garment prototype concept creation.

– Satellite Communications testbed aims to support sectors using high precision tracking and monitoring for autonomous vehicles and robotics in agri, automotive, geo surveying, navigation, Geographic Information System (GIS) and any location-based services.

– The Quantum Security Testbed consists of multiple banking grade security systems leveraging quantum technologies that industry can utilise and manipulate to create novel identity and data protection solutions.

 What services are available at ICS? 

ICS delivers innovative ICT solutions to its clients across multiple industries, including Agritech, HealthTech, Smart Cities, Communications and Energy Sectors. Transforming how companies operate and compete through scientifically proven R&D knowledge and expertise, coupled with high quality design, software development, and verifications, has a direct impact on improving a clients’ bottom line.

Every company must innovate to survive. If you do not have a Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) focus ICS at Walton Institute can help you create that focus. If you have an established RD&I function, create an extension of this function with the ICS Gateway and they will help you push the boundaries to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and disrupt the marketplace.

ICS Technology Gateway have engineers and business development executives that can carry out an Innovation Sprint Service, which will bring people from an idea to ICT prototype. The team will carry out professional software engineering services, looking at ICT product architecture and road-mapping, and offer a service in digital creative design where the ICT user experience and user design are to the fore.

Unique to the ICS Technology Gateway is a dedicated team of design-led innovation practitioners, and a team of highly talented Dev-Ops, Software Testers and Software Engineers. Combined, this team of Professional Software Engineering Services (PSES) combines artistic ability with technical proficiency to design and create new technologies across both research and industry sectors spanning a broad range of technology and business domains.  

 ICS Key Research Areas. 

  • Emerging Networks Lab: The Emerging Networks Laboratory (ENL), is a Research Division in Walton Institute focusing on challenges relating to the evolution of the communications networking and service technologies that will see widespread deployment in the next 10 years. This includes security and reliability, beyond 5G wireless communications, knowledge defined networking and the internet of everything.
  • Programmable and Autonomous Systems (PAS): The Programmable & Autonomous Systems Research Division seeks to research, develop and commercialise techniques, tools and algorithms that will ensure that citizens can benefit from the new digitally connected world. The Division has particular expertise in data s[pace formulation, analysis and prediction, edge-cloud computing, AI and machine learning, self=organisation and autonomy, and network tomography.
  • Mobile Ecosystem & Pervasive Sensing (MEPS): The MEPS Division in Walton Institute spearhead research in areas such as artificial intelligence, pervasive sensing, immersive technologies, electronic textiles and wearables, and bio-nano molecular communications.
  • Research Infrastructure and Testbeds (RIT): The RIT division plays a cross-cutting organisation role in not only pursuing research in its own areas such as satellite communications and quantum communications, but by actively engaging in the research and development of facilities, lab spaces, testbeds, other bespoke ICT systems, and providing access to, or generating, datasets.

To find out more about ICS Technology Gateway, check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

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