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MiCRA Biodiagnostics Technology Gateway is an industry-led research & development facility located in the CASH-Synergy Centre at TU Dublin – Tallaght Campus. The facility has a strong and growing portfolio of applied research making knowledge and expertise accessible to local and national industry.  

The MiCRA Biodiagnostics Gateway delivers solutions across the agri-food, in-vitro diagnostics (animal and human), environmental, and biopharmaceutical industries with expertise in: 

  • Rapid and portable electrochemical sensor design, development and prototyping 
  • Specific expertise in bio-, immuno- and chemical sensors for the detection of microbes, biomarkers, chemicals and food allergens 
  • Application in areas of quality, toxicity, viability and chemical and biological contamination analysis 
  • Advanced analytical services and materials development

MiCRA Biodiagnostics is an industry-led research & development facility that focuses on the advancement of biosensor technologies, using materials such as enzymes and advanced polymers. MiCRA delivers solutions to companies in many sectors including in vitro diagnostics, environmental, food and pharmaceuticals. The facility consists of state-of-the-art advanced analytical, surface science and PAT instrumentation, Bio/Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant, cell culture and microbiology labs, and sensor prototype fabrication facilities, which is staffed by microbiologists, chemists, biologists, physical scientists and engineers. 

MiCRA helps companies in areas including sensor prototyping and manufacturing, materials development and characterisation, immunoassay platform development, enzyme biosensors for human and animal health care, and biosensors for the rapid and sensitive detection of bacteria. With state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and expertise, MiCRA also have dedicated staff focused solely on the provision of analytical services research to industry partners. 

MiCRA developed an early screening test for antimicrobial resistance of company coatings to improve efficiencies at early stages of antimicrobial surface coatings development. Through the centres Analytical Services Research team, the microbiologist team were able to develop an early screening test to determine the antimicrobial resistance of coatings on a range of materials and coatings samples. MiCRA worked closely with surface coating companies to ensure the development of a bespoke method that is an ideal fit for their surface coating testing requirements. Having the opportunity to work with MiCRA gives access to expertise and equipment not readily available in house, in addition to developing an effective test methodology and screening process to evaluate the antimicrobial resistance of client company coatings. 


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