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Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Cluster, EMD Ireland, provides a roadmap for companies wishing to access innovation support within Engineering, Materials and Design. Consisting of seven Technology Gateways, the Cluster brings together a range of expertise, facilities, equipment and support for companies who are looking to access Research, Development and Innovation knowledge in areas such as energy, precision engineering, biotechnology, polymers, protective coatings, prototype design, medical imaging technologies and 3D medal additive manufacturing. 

So, if you have a new or innovative idea, or require assistance with an existing product, process or service, EMD Ireland is equipped to provide innovative solutions in a quick, easy and effective manner.  

Find out more about our member Gateways:  


APT Technology Gateway provides polymer technology solutions for companies in the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors. APT has a core focus on three applied technology areas: biomedical polymers, polymer recycling and composites.  Providing polymer technologies for Ireland-based companies who use polymer materials. These companies range in size from start-ups and SMEs to multinational companies.  

Located at TUS: Midlands, APT is a dedicated resource for the Irish polymer manufacturing industry and regularly provides training and information dissemination, as well as production demonstration days for companies.  

Read how APT collaborated with Athlone Extrusions on the Optimisation of new lab extrusion equipment. APT continues to provide material analysis support for production optimisation and new product development activities within the company. In addition, Dr Zhi Cao, a Research Engineer based in APT, was seconded into the Athlone Extrusions facility to provide support with the installation and optimisation of new lab extrusion equipment. 


CREDIT Technology Gateway located at DKIT, focuses on Renewables, Energy Optimisation and Energy Storage research that applies emerging technologies, expertise and specialist knowledge across the energy and renewables sector to help innovative businesses and companies succeed in the introduction of new and improved processes, products and services 

CREDIT Gateway provides access to R&D solutions to develop new products or services, or implement optimisation of a process/s, for business and industry. The Gateway provides a place to work together with a particular focus on helping start-ups and SMEs explore product innovation, source applied research opportunities and leverage tech solutions for their needs. 

Read how CREDIT recently provided expertise to McGeary Engineering on the Development of off-the-shelf parts & assemblies for water treatment & high-pressure water applications. 


CREST Technology Gateway addresses the needs of the Irish engineering, aerospace, automotive, architectural, electronics, biomedical and healthcare sectors in the area of surface coatings. Based in TU Dublin, the centre has over sixty years of commercial surface coating experience to provide an outstanding level of service. With expertise in areas such as protective coatings for challenging environments, surface treatment of metal components, coatings for environmental applications and biomedical devices.  

Discover how CREST assisted Plasmabound in the development of a 6 axis robot which integrated the technology of the 3-axis system presently available. CREST Technology Gateway provided Plasmabound with the landscape and the roadmap to develop the process automation with respect to 6 axis systems. 


Design+ Gateway applies industrial design capabilities for companies from the engineering, ICT & software and bio lifescience sectors nationally. Based in SETU Carlow, the gateway has a proven track record in knowledge transfer and delivering innovation solutions to industry. Companies from multiple sectors can access a vast range of research expertise and development support.  

Design+ have the resources for R&D support in the form of additive manufacturing capabilities, rapid prototyping, CAD product design 3D printing, electronic prototyping and design strategy. 

Read how Design+ aided Magna International Autolaunch Ireland Limited, a highly successful machining and tool making facility, with the development of 3D prints for positioning templates.  Autolaunch has been collaborating with Design+ since 2018 to avail of their design expertise and state of the art 3D printing equipment. The production of 3D positioning templates has resulted in both cost and time savings for the business on their production line.  


MET Technology Gateway is an interdisciplinary applied research centre dedicated to supporting Research, Development and Innovation activities in the MedTech, LifeSciences and Engineering sectors. 

Located within ATU’s Galway Campus, the MET Gateway delivers world class innovative solutions for the close-to-market needs of Irish based Start-ups, SME’s and Multinationals to build, scale and expand reach by improving competitiveness and enhancing innovation activities. By actively engaging with clinical and industry partners, the MET Gateway produces both scientific knowledge and technology outputs across a range of streams, generating solutions for the close-to-market needs of companies. MET’s technology offering includes a purpose-built Medical Imaging Suite, boasting a state-of-the-art Philips Azurion digital fluoroscope.  

Read how MET assisted CERENOVUS, from the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, on the characterisation & modelling of thrombi in acute ischaemic stroke. The knowledge generated from this ‘per-pass’ study of acute ischemic stroke has generated more informative data regarding thrombus composition, recanalisation outcomes and a possible approach to analysing thrombi in the future. 


PEM Technology Gateway, based at ATU Sligo has developed expertise in precision engineering, design for manufacture (DFM), mechanical engineering, materials science, micro-machining, polymer processing, rapid prototyping, general manufacturing process control and statistical process analysis.  

PEM works with companies, across a range of sectors on projects that help solve technical challenges they are experiencing or innovations they want to develop. Providing engineering and technical solutions along with process improvements across the full product lifecycle, with specialisation in product design and development in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Allowing companies to develop new products, processes & services by leveraging the research expertise available though ATU Sligo. 

PEM works with companies at all stages of their research and innovation journey and across the full spectrum of Technology Readiness Levels. Discover how they collaborated with companies ATA Air Tools and product design company Zenoz Ltd in the investigation of the mechanical properties of a material.   


SEAM Technology Gateway, based at SETU Waterford, facilitates the development of technology solutions through collaboration and access to expertise in the Irish research infrastructure. The gateway provides innovative materials engineering solutions for industries from wide ranging sectors such as biomedical, pharma, precision engineering, energy and electronics.  

SEAM’s unique strength lies in its ability to anticipate, and understand, respond quickly and professionally to industry needs through provision of competitive customised solutions and more importantly, act as a one stop shop for getting the job done. 

Read how SEAM collaborated with TFI Marine on the Porosity Analysis of TFI Marine Seaprint using z-ray Micro computed Tomography. The data and images provided to TFI Marine proved to be very useful in assessing the critical areas of the SeaSpring product. It also enabled them to develop operational and inspection procedures to ensure quality is maintained at their headquarters in Blackrock.   

EMD Ireland has successfully collaborated on projects with all types of Irish Industry, ranging from large corporations to small family businesses. To see more on previous projects, check out our case study section.   

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