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Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Cluster, EMD Ireland, is a group of seven technology gateways operating within the engineering, materials and design sector. Established in 2016 the cluster provides a broad range of expertise to industry in the areas of research and innovation, connecting with over 300 industry researchers in areas such as precision engineering, biotechnology, energy, polymers, protective coatings, prototype design, medical imaging technologies and 3D medal additive manufacturing.

EMD Ireland strives to provide companies nationwide with access to the wide range of expertise within the Gateway structure, who can support and aid the development of research and innovation in industry.

Our Gateways

APT Gateway provides polymer and technology solutions for industry in the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors. APT is equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment including SEM, DSC, FTIR, XRD, GPC, HPLC, etc., as well as a variety of pilot-scale processing equipment (3D additive, extruders, injection moulders, blow moulders, etc.).

CREDIT Gateway  is focused on energy efficiency and optimisation as well as Energy Storage and Supply Optimisation. The Gateway has expertise in solar, wind and ocean energy and will assist companies to make both their products and their manufacturing operations as energy efficient as possible.

CREST Gateway provides coating innovation solutions for industry in the engineering, construction, healthcare and biomedical industries. As the only dedicated surface coatings laboratory in Ireland, CREST offers expertise in areas such as protective coatings for challenging environments, surface treatment of metal components, coatings for environment applications and biomedical devices.

Design+ Gateway provides a wide range of industrial design expertise in the areas of engineering, ICT & software, and bio lifesciences. The gateway enables industries to define and develop new products and concepts in a highly creative manner, drawing on a broad spectrum of technical, business and marketing expertise.

MET Gateway is an interdisciplinary technology centre providing world-class solutions for the medtech and general manufacturing sectors. The centre develops novel technologies relevant to both clinical research and medtech companies operating in the design application phase. MET provides expertise in medical imaging technologies, biomedical engineering technologies/solutions, data analytics and visualisation and design engineering and verification.

PEM Gateway provides a unique single industry support offering in precision engineering, manufacturing and materials. PEM provides expertise in precision engineering and design, manufacturing process modelling and simulation, advanced process monitoring and control and advanced material syntheses & characterisation.

SEAM Gateway provides innovative materials engineering solutions for companies from a wide range of sectors, including bio-medical devices, pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, precision engineering and industrial technologies. SEAM has expertise in x-ray micro-tomography (XMT) – 3D non-destructive characterisation; finite element Analysis – 3D software modelling, 3D metal additive manufacturing; materials & precision engineering – engineering design & characterisation; and bio medical engineering – development of novel materials.

What can EMD Ireland offer your company?

With a greater focus on research and innovation, EMD Ireland facilitates your access to the seven specialised Gateways across the EMD Gateway Cluster. Providing assistance and support in delivering near-to-market solutions and in turn becoming an important extension of your company’s R&D capability.

Each Gateway has access to a dedicated Gateway manager and a team of specialised business development engineers to help with your individual needs, acting as the key contact points for industry and managing the successful delivery of projects on time and within budget. They can also provide information and assistance with various Enterprise Ireland funding supports available for your company.

EMD Ireland works with a wide range of companies on both large and small projects. If you are an SME, a large indigenous or multinational company, we can help.

What funding options are available?

There are a variety of different types of funding available, to suit all types and sizes of project. Further information is available on the Technology Gateways support page.

What’s the next step?

You can find further information about the cluster on the EMD Ireland page  If you have any further questions, are unsure about eligibility or require further advice, get in touch with the cluster support office. You can also follow EMD Ireland on Twitter to keep up with the latest industry and cluster news.

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