UV sanitising system for bottle beverages

There is no specific unit that is used in bars to sanitise the beer bottles before serving the beer to the customers. Health and safety are an important aspect of a business, so a product has been developed to overcome this problem in bars/pubs. TSSG Technology Gateway collaborated with its sister Gateways Design+ and CAPPA to work on the PURENECK IPP. Design+ had developed a unit that sanitises the beer bottle before serving it to the customer. Read how they designed and developed the product here. TSSG’s part was to program the prototype and enhance the previously existed user interface (UI) to look attractive.

The sanitising unit uses UV technology to sanitise the beer bottles. The developed unit takes ~3 seconds to sanitise and has a capacity to sanitise two bottles at a given time. It uses a Lattepanda development board which is the world’s 1st development board that can run a full version of Windows 10! It is turbocharged with an Intel Quad-Core processor and has excellent connectivity, with three USB ports and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It also includes an Arduino co-processor that enables you to master the physical world by controlling interactive devices using thousands of plug and play peripherals.

TSSG has developed a Windows-based UI application that will automatically open when the unit is powered-up. The UI includes 10 popular brands, and a user can select whatever brand they want to display for sanitising. An MQTT messaging protocol is used to select the preferred UI for the user. The below image shows the messaging architecture used to communicate with the board. A windows/mobile-based application is used to send the messages to the board. There is also remote UI access provided to each board through TeamViewer software.

Ten different leading beer brands were used to test the prototype. These units are used in bars to sanitise the beer bottle, before serving to the customers. Also, when units are not in use, UI is used to display the advertisement.

Future work

A fully working mobile application that could be used to customise as per the customer requirement. An application might contain the option to connect to any server, topics, and messages.

An equipment fault detection can be implemented in the system.

This post was first published on the TSSG website.

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