One stop interface

ESTIMATING ME is a start-up company focused on the construction industry and based in Co. Meath. They have identified an opportunity wherein current practices in the construction industry necessitate the use of multiple software packages for commercial management on projects. 

Their envisaged software – the cloud-based TRAK-PRO platforms – shall facilitate a one stop interface with regular live updates to ensure that information is updated in as close to real time as possible. 

The company approached Walton Institute to explore the identified requirements for their envisaged TRAK-PRO platform, focusing on features that are not only unique – to set TRAK-PRO apart from similar products and platforms – but are also achievable using off the shelf cloud-based architecture components.

Technology Roadmap development

ESTIMATING ME required that these components may include customisation within the limits of those provided by the cloud provider so that very little ‘hands on’ control would be required by the company at the logic or functional level.

Walton Institute completed a Technology Roadmap that comprised exploration and mapped out of features and functionality in the areas of: 

  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Cloud based approaches and software solutions 
  • Roadmap to solution comprising recommendations for platform and personnel 

ESTIMATING ME gained information to guide the design and development of the cloud-based TRAK-PRO platform. 


Irish business


Innovation Voucher


Technology roadmap

“Collaborating with Walton provided us with invaluable expertise that we would otherwise not have had access to. The outcomes of the project were enormously beneficial in transforming our idea from concept to reality.  The innovation voucher was the first step in our technical journey, and we hope to develop our relationship even further”.

ESTIMATING ME & ICS Technology Gateway partnership

ESTIMATING ME gained insight on feature design and functionality for the TRAK-PRO platform.  

This included the identification of the ‘foundation features’, necessary to TRAK-PRO’s success among its peers, as well as identifying any potential competitive advantages over similar platforms. 

The company were also provided with a high level system architecture which indicated the features which should be integrated into the front end and back end of TRAK-PRO.  

Finally, ESTIMATING ME received recommendations for the ‘off the shelf’ cloud based services – and providers – which should be utilised to implement the envisaged solution with details pertaining to the personnel requirements for the roadmap to the solution as well as ongoing maintenance of the TRAK-PRO system. 

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