Kaizen Energy Ltd

Leading Energy Service Company

Kaizen Energy was founded in January 2013 to specialise in the operation and management of community and district heating systems (DHS). They recognised district energy as a niche sector in Ireland with huge growth potential but with limited experience and expertise available.

Since its inception, Kaizen Energy has evolved with every new contract and is now recognised as a leading Energy Service Company (ESCO). They are a privately owned Irish company located in Dublin and they operate systems and contracts nationwide. They are the only company in Ireland who are wholly dedicated to the operation and management of district energy services.

Kaizen Energy have an existing platform for metering and billing in district heating applications. This route to market in the existing energy market positions them ideally to capitalise on the emerging retrofit and community energy markets and they wish to develop an evolution of their existing product range which could be applied to this emerging market.

Innovation Roadmap development

Kaizen Energy wishes to develop a solution which could be applied to the retrofit market and has many potential locations for testing. They wish to be involved particularly in the community retrofit projects that are taking place and will take place at pace with 500,000 retrofits as a national target by 2030. Kaizen Energy would like to research specific information on possible pitfalls and problems of being involved with these programmes.

CREDIT Gateway secured face-to-face meetings with industry leaders for Kaizen Energy to assess their suitability for this business area. They also received feedback on why projects may fail.


Irish business


Innovation Voucher


Innovation roadmap

“Based on the results of the project, Kaizen Energy could now expand into the retrofit space in the retrofit and community energy markets and their capability to carry out innovative projects has been enhanced. This research has helped determine the best routes for Kaizen Energy into these markets.”.

Kaizen Energy & CREDIT Technology Gateway partnership

Kaizen Energy received an analysis of the opportunities for their role in the retrofit market and to determine what niches its existing technology could be applied to in the retrofit market. The Gateway assessed these and reported back suitability in many grant supported schemes such as the Community Energy Schemes, The Individual Measures Retrofit Grants Scheme, the One Stop Shop Programmes, EXEED Certified Grant, Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) and the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS). CREDIT also outlined in the report where opportunities lay in Energy Master Planning and the scale of work to be done nationally here before 2030.

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