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Fixie is the complete 3D printed model service. Their specialist’s industry experience is dedicated to taking your project seamlessly through model choice, file preparation, 3D printing, post processing and finishing. They offer a full suite of services to seamlessly assist in the production of beautiful 3D printed architectural models; whether you are starting with 2D drawings or require additional data.

Fixie wanted to automate the architectural 3D printing process. The main obstacle in this industry is converting the architect file into a 3D printable file. The architect can then either download and 3D print themselves or send to a supplier like Fixie. Fixie had the initial idea for a model customizer, a web-based 3D viewer which would allow the architects to provide all the information needed to produce a 3D printed model for them. The aim was to improve the clients experience and put control back into the hands of the architect.

Innovative Solution

Through a series of online workshops, Nimbus User Experience Researchers facilitated research on design activities, where collaborative discussion, user research and analysis, preliminary design and rapid prototyping activities were undertaken.

Key deliverables included: Personas, Customer Journey Maps, User Interface Wireframes, Concept Visualisations. All of which are essential components contributing to further product iteration while guiding the next phase of software development.

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key deliverables


Innovation Voucher

“Collaborating with MTU and the Nimbus Research Centre, their diverse team has helped take our concept from mere ideas to concrete proposals. They asked the right questions to help us identify the core value propositions and also helped uncover ideas and details which we hadn’t touched on previously, all helping us to actively move our development forward.”

Ronan O’Boyle
Co-founder, Fixie

The Fixie & Nimbus Technology Gateway partnership

The user experience research and design methodology undertaken has helped Fixie gather customer insights, generate ideas at an early phase, all of which can be validated to strengthen the company’s value proposition. Having tangible results such as customer insights, personas, customer journey maps and user interface wireframes will all be instrumented for many purposes – from securing future funding to enabling researchers and stakeholders determine what features and product should incorporate and envisaging how the system will be used. With the value-added extension of innovative tools to Fixie’s existing product and services this will increase their potential to scale and expand.

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