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Sustainable, circular & ethical fashion company

Offset Fashion is a sustainable, circular and ethical fashion company start-up who are aspiring to discourage the throw away culture of fast fashion, used primarily by women to buy and sell recycled clothes in order to contribute to a circular economy.

Currently, people send their clothes by post to Jennifer who labels each item and adds it to the website for purchase and sale. Each of the items of clothing needs to be manually measured and photographed in order to be catalogued on the Offset Fashion website.

But this is a laborious process and Offset Fashion need to explore a more seamless way to manage clothing for sale through the website.

Technology roadmap development

Offset Fashion approached Walton Institute to provide a technical roadmap that shall explore the applications and solutions which provide non-contact measurement of clothing in real-time to match the size of clothing to clients.


Irish business


Innovation Voucher


Technology roadmap

“Using an innovation voucher with the Walton Institute to devise our technical roadmap has been a transformative experience for Offset Fashion. Their expertise and insights not only streamlined our processes but also sparked innovation within our organisation. The roadmap they crafted has provided a clear path forward, aligning our technological advancements seamlessly with our business objectives. Thanks to the Walton Institute, we are now equipped with the tools and strategies to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. I highly recommend their services to any company seeking to enhance their technical capabilities”.

Jennifer Thornton – Offset Fashion

IMME Sustainables & ICS Technology Gateway partnership

The Innovation project completed a technical roadmap to explore the use of Lidar Solutions and technology that can be deployed for solutions around the high-level architecture and cloud hosting for this platform.

IMME Sustainables received access to expertise in mobile application development, experience of artificial intelligence (AI) software, with a slant towards it’s use with clothing imagery and knowledge of web technologies.

Following a thorough investigation of the market and application requirements a high-level architecture diagram for cloud requirements and tech roadmap provided allowing Offset Fashion a sign-posted path for development.

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