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Validation testing for a rainwater harvesting solution

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Innovative sustainability solution

Rainsurfer Limited are a Dublin based company who design and manufacture innovative and sustainable rainwater harvesting solutions. Their current Prototype the Rainsurfer “HiRiser®” is an independently powered pumping unit designed to collect rain water through domestic roof/gutter systems and pump it from ground level to a storage tank at a higher elevation for domestic re-use.

The HiRiser® prototype

In an effort to advance their current product from an initial operational prototype to a more refined final prototype, Rainsurfer limited asked for validation testing to be carried out by an Independent third party, in this case the PEM Technology Gateway knowledge provider based at IT Sligo.

The purpose of the testing was to help determine the envelope of operation parameters and help to highlight any possible shortcomings of the system. Some of the key performance indicators identified prior to testing included Flowrate, Pressure (Head) and Lift advantage provided by the operating principle of the system’s design. The PEM Technology Gateway principle investigators conducted several validations tests on campus, analysed the raw data and reported the findings in the final report.

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Irish company


technical report


Innovation Voucher

“Working with the PEM Technical Gateway at Sligo IT has allowed us to validate our system and progress to beta testing our equipment. We plan to continue our work with them developing critical components for our innovative product.”

Peter Ryan
MD, Rainsurfer Ltd

The Rainsurfer Limited & PEM Technology Gateway partnership

The PEM Technology Gateway provided a final report to Rainsurfer limited which outlined the technical specifications, machine capability’s and design feedback/improvements to the current system based on the findings from the initial testing. The findings of the final report were well received by Rainsurfer limited, so much so that the PEM Technology Gateway and Rainsurfer limited are continuing to collaborate on a 2nd Innovation Voucher which will focus on some of the key design aspects of the rainwater harvesting unit.

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