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Design & development of a PCB for function evaluation of a wearable product

Computer aided design of wearable device

Sleep disorders

Sula Health is an Irish company developing a solution in the area of sleep disorder treatment. Their first product, SULA Health Sleep Glasses, helps users cope with travel jet lag, social jet lag and delayed/advanced phase circadian rhythm disorders (CRSD). Sula Health is currently enrolled in the BioExel MedTech Accelerator at NUI Galway.

Printed circuit board

Sula Health is designing and developing a printed circuit board (PCB) to perform functional evaluation and realise product specifications of their sleep glasses. The PCB requires a Bluetooth enabled microcontroller, vital sensors, power management system, and a battery. An initial prototype was developed using microcontroller development board, but Sula Health required the development of miniature bespoke PCB hardware incorporating the identified elements which can fit in the arms/stem/temple of a pair of spectacles. This bespoke hardware will be used for functional evaluation and realising a prototype closer to market.

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Irish company


Innovation Voucher


prototype circuit board

“Working with the team in IMaR has been a pleasure; they have been both efficient and flexible. Their expertise in all areas of electronic design, sensor technology and embedded firmware has been a great addition to the project, advising us on potential optimizations.”

Damien Kilgannon
Founder, Sula Health Limited

The Sula Health & IMaR Technology Gateway partnership

In collaboration with the IMaR Gateway, Sula Health accessed the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher programme. IMaR initially delivered a detailed project plan with a proposed block diagram and groundwork for the printed circuit board. IMaR developed the schematic and then later the layout for the PCB while performing physical verification for functionality, manufacturability, and usability. During the project, IMaR continuously engaged with Sula Health, gaining valuable feedback to produce the prototype as required and within the specification laid out at the inception of the project.

The successful delivery of this project has enabled Sula Health to develop a miniaturized printed circuit board to perform as a functional evaluation. This has progressed its product to a more wearable format, allowing enhanced tested and bringing Sula Health closer to the final manufacturable product.

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