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Forefront of Irish ecommerce

StudioForty9 is a recognised leader in the Irish digital sector, with an award-winning and proven track- record of delivering, maintaining and continuously improving high-performance ecommerce and omnichannel retail solutions for the Irish retail industry. The StudioForty9 team is experienced, innovative, and committed to excellence and count some of Ireland’s most experienced ecommerce professionals among its number.

The team’s experience and ability has led it to work with some of Ireland’s household names in retail, helping those companies to grow their businesses in Ireland by capturing extra market share and serving their instore and online customers across a wider range of commercial channels as well as overseas, by opening up previously inaccessible markets and building the integrations, automated processes and workflows needed to help scale an online business for international sales.

StudioForty9 is at the forefront of Irish ecommerce and ahead of the pack when it comes to implementing innovative and complex ecommerce solutions for omnichannel and international sales at scale.

It operates on a partnership approach, is platform agnostic, and ensures the clients come first. Its goal is to develop long-term and meaningful relationships with clients.

Online product recommendation system

The objective of this project was to examine AI solutions to augment an online product recommendation system, to automatically show customers the products they are most likely to buy, with an innovative state-of-the-art personalisation engine using machine learning to instantly match products and people.

In many cases, products that are discontinued come up as recommendations, so a specific problem that needed to be addressed was how to abstract the decision about which new products to recommend based on historical data for now discontinued lines and products.

For example, where a specific blue handbag was regularly purchased together with a specific red dress, and that blue handbag is now discontinued – we want to learn from that prior recommendation to now suggest an alternative product that is both a handbag and is blue, that should be recommended to be purchased with that same red dress.

One often overlooked aspect of ecommerce is how to properly handle discontinued products. No matter whether these products are temporarily out of stock or permanently discontinued, their product pages have an impact on a retailer’s online performance as customers often arrive on the site looking for these specific products and will often immediately leave if they do not find them.

Thus, in conjunction with the Nimbus AI and data science team, StudioForty9 developed a proof-of-concept product recommender tool. Applying data mining to user interactions and data analytics to the collective purchase order history of a retailer’s customer base -the refined system is capable of delivering accurate, stock-aware and time-sensitive ‘Next Product to Buy’ recommendations.

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“We were delighted to find that the Nimbus Centre at MTU had the capability to collaborate with us on this innovative project. We were very satisfied with the outcome, experience and quality of the people working with us on this project. We would happily recommend the Nimbus Centre to companies looking to explore solutions driven by AI and Machine Learning.”

Gerard Keohane
Director, StudioForty9

The StudioForty9 & Nimbus Technology Gateway partnership

In monitoring and giving due attention to discontinued products and services, StudioForty9 envisages that this work will contribute to greater online sales and customer satisfaction for its own retail client’s. In addition, it will help its retail partners to better craft more personalised online user experiences.

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