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Research into the benefits of seaweed on skin cells

Voya Beauty products

Organic beauty products

With its office based in Sligo, Voya offers luxury, results-driven products based on the highest quality botanical ingredients and aromatherapy oils. The company is committed to producing products that are organic and sustainable, and that provide results for the consumer.

Effects of seaweed on skin

Voya partners with a range of airlines, high-end spas and outlets to deliver their products to their consumers, and have received numerous awards for their cosmetic and spa products. Seaweed and seaweed extracts are a key component in the Voya product range, and Voya wanted to develop specific scientific information regarding the impact of their seaweed on skin.

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Innovation Partnership

“Voya partnered with Shannon ABC to conduct research into the benefits of seaweed on skin cells. The research included four types of seaweed using in vivo and in vitro testing. The positive results were presented professionally with periodic meetings to discuss results and answer questions. I highly recommend Shannon ABC as a research partner.”

Robert O’Donnell
General Manager, Voya

The Voya & Shannon ABC partnership

Shannon ABC has specific expertise in the area of seaweed and cosmetics and together with the Principal Investigator of the project, dedicated a specific research scientist to work on this project with Voya. This project was funded by Enterprise Ireland through the Innovation Partnership Programme.

The impact of a number of Voya seaweeds on skin cells grown in cell culture was determined. This data was translated into the development of cosmetic formulations containing these extracts. These formulated cosmetic products were then tested on a volunteer panel using a range of skin testing probes, including moisturisation and elasticity.

The results of this study provided vital scientific data to Voya regarding the positive impact of their seaweed on skin cells grown in the lab, as well as translating this into a real formulated product, that could similarly positively impact the skin of volunteers.

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