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The Engineering, Materials, and Design (EMD) Ireland cluster of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway provides specialised technical support, guidance, and assistance to Irish companies of all sizes. For companies wishing to acquire knowledge in research, development, and innovation, EMD Ireland can provide vast experience in the implementation of close-to-market solutions. 

Who are EMD Ireland?   

EMD Ireland consists of seven Technology Gateways specialising in areas such as energy, precision engineering, polymers, protective coatings, prototype design, medical imaging technologies and 3D medal additive manufacturing. With skills, knowledge, and expertise in a variety of industries, the EMD Ireland team strives to equip Irish businesses with the essential aids and supports to advance the growth of RD&I throughout Ireland. 

Companies who choose to work with EMD Ireland benefit from the use of the extensive linked resources available, resulting in a more unified and timely approach to innovation. The team of Gateway Managers and Business Development researchers and engineers works on both large and small projects with a diverse spectrum of clients. You do not need to be a client of Enterprise Ireland to collaborate with the cluster.  Collaboration within the cluster is key, allowing continuous transfer of shared skills and experiences within the cluster, a benefit which can unlock many doors for Irish businesses. Companies also benefit from an availability of professional guidance and expertise, flexibility in approach, and a high degree of cluster member engagement. Companies frequently discover that the cluster becomes a crucial extension of their total R&D capabilities during the product development process. 

What to expect? 

Every innovation journey starts with the creation of a new idea or the acknowledgement of an existing problem within a product or process. All 16 Gateways have a dedicated manager, business development staff and team of researchers and engineers who act as key contact points for industry. If you know which Gateway is the most suitable for your project, make contact with the relevant Gateway Manager, if not your regional Gateway Manager will be able to assist in referring you to the most appropriate Gateway.  

At this early stage the team will work with you to outline your company need. Should your project require expertise from multiple gateways, this transition will be managed in-house by your lead gateway, aiding in process efficiency as well as adherence to financial and timetable expectations.  

Funding and supports can often be critical in allowing a company to proceed with a project. A discussion will take place detailing the various funding options open to you, providing detail on the application process and eligibility for funding. Companies often find funding applications stressful, don’t worry our Gateway teams are here to help every step of the way with support, guidance and advice on submitting your application. 

You can also expect to discuss deliverables and timelines. Agreeing on deliverables at this stage means there will be no unexpected surprises further along the road. It also ensures the project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.  

Once everything is in place and funding has been approved, your project will commence on the start date agreed and will be managed throughout by your lead Gateway team, who will also update you on how your project is progressing. You will be informed when your project has been completed and provided with the agreed outcome as laid out in the project deliverables. 

How can you get started?   

The cluster has a dedicated support office and team to help with your companies’ individual needs. If you have an idea for a new product, service or process or are experiencing difficulties with an existing process, get in touch with us to see how we can assist you in developing an innovative solution.  

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