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Strategy for new value added products utilising recycled aggregate materials

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Re-use of recycled aggregates

CHI Environmental recycle construction and demolition waste in Kilkenny, who have identified a niche area through the use of recycled construction material as new products. The key point to the product is the re-use of recycled aggregates, which are segregated & crushed on site at CHI. The benefits of the products include the reuse of waste materials, replacement of quarried aggregate, cost savings on transport & quarrying.

CHI are seeking support in creating a strategy for new value added products utilising recycled aggregate materials. The recycled aggregate products would require certification for specific applications (e.g. load bearing, construction, etc.). Specific consideration is also necessary for certifications & regulations around areas such as product sizes & lifting. The aim was to develop a strategy for a new product with clear rationale and consideration into which product, when and why.

A series of design strategy workshops was conducted to consider all opportunities for new value add product potential and bring those new ideas through a series of evaluation to assist in decision making and development routes. This provides a clear rationale and strategy for the business before investing in further development. The outcome is a strategic roadmap which outlines steps to implementation of the newly identified product development strategy.

Strategic design workshops

A site visit was conducted with senior design strategist and product designer to assess capacity for production and to understand the material properties of the proposed new product material. Follow on strategic design workshops took place for CHI Environmental to generate new ideas & evaluate new product opportunities using recycled aggregate concrete. The sessions included ideation, evaluation, and actioning through a bespoke strategic roadmap – all under the Design+ design strategy innovation process.

The stages of the process are:

  • State of Play: an overview of CHI Environmental and the aggregate product as it is right now (benefits, limitations, environmental benefits, user groups, user experiences, user needs etc.).
  • Frame: framing of the limitations of the product uses, certifications, and CHI capabilities.
  • Innovate: ideation and brainstorming possible end uses, and evaluating these ideas in terms of usability, feasibility, and viability.
  • Action: sequencing the short medium-, and long-term opportunities, and creating a bespoke strategic roadmap identifying steps to implementation, research required, resources required, key decision points, milestones, time frames etc.
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“The strategy phase was a great chance to identify all the opportunities and take time to look at the big picture. It’s important to challenge your own thinking before going forward with new ideas, I found the process helpful and have planned ongoing work with Design+ as I continue to innovate and develop my ideas.”

MD, CHI Environmental

The CHI Environmental & DESIGN+ Technology Gateway partnership

A clear trajectory of new product development ideas was captured and evaluated into a graduated matrix of low cost, low technical requirements through to high investment cost, high value. The most appropriate product for initial development was then identified based on company’s market knowledge of end users, company resources and capabilities with a development strategy in place for next range of products to follow. This route will introduce the higher value design elements into the company product offering and revenue streams. The company have introduced innovation as a process and an ongoing element to CHI Environmental ensuring a diversity of future revenue and an ability to adapt to change.

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