5 Benefits Of Working With Applied IoT That Will Enhance Your R&D Experience.

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Most companies have a multitude of great ideas that never get beyond the back of a notebook or post-it note due to a lack of internal resources / technologies to research, flesh out and develop them. The Enterprise Ireland, Applied IoT Technology Gateway Cluster is available to help your company take these ideas from the paper they are sketched on to reality. Below explores 5 key benefits to engaging with the cluster on your next R&D project.

1. Specialised Equipment

An extensive range of specialised equipment is accessible to industry through the cluster gateways. If you require an “Advanced Manufacturing Testbed” to investigate suitable industrial IoT sensor technologies, are looking to implement “Robotic Cells” in your factory, require access to “Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Labs” to test or trial equipment, want to gain access to” LoRa” or “Energy Test Beds”, our cluster gateways are geared up to accommodate your requirements.

2. R&D Expertise

The Applied IoT cluster employs over 250 full-time engineers and researchers who know exactly how to access the information you require. From targeted patent searches to knowledge of licensable intellectual property (IP), our researchers will take the pain out of deciding what the best course of action for your project may be.

3. Support Office

Ensuring the prompt and cost-effective delivery of our R&D services to industry is a team of 5 Technology Gateway Managers supported by regional Business Development staff. In addition, the Applied IoT cluster has a central support office based in Dublin. Anderson Carvalho, Applied IoT Business Development Manager is a great starting point for any company looking for information on how to engage with the cluster and get a project started. Anderson will personally talk you through the various areas of expertise within the cluster and discuss your specific project idea / requirements. Following this initial interaction, Anderson will align your company to the most suitable Technology Gateway and discuss the various Enterprise Ireland funding mechanisms that could be available for the project.

4. Industrial Collaboration

Since 2013, more than 2500 Irish based companies have utilised the broader Technology Gateway Network to successfully complete over 4000 innovation projects. This extensive portfolio provides the Applied IoT cluster with contacts across many organisations who are progressive when it comes to collaborating with the Gateways and other companies. The experience gained on these past projects is instrumental in ensuring that all new projects are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.

5. Funding Support

The nature of all projects undertaken by the Applied IoT cluster is that they are new, innovative and to a degree carry a certain amount of risk as to whether they are viable or not. Enterprise Ireland provides a suite of funding mechanisms for Irish registered companies to financially de-risk suitable and qualifying projects of this type. Applied IoT cluster staff are available to assist you with the funding application process if required.  Recent reports show that every €1.00 of investment made by Enterprise Ireland has contributed to a €4.72 increase in Irish EVA (Economic Value Added), whilst each €1 of funding invested by Enterprise Ireland in Innovation Vouchers delivered €11.83 net additional sales at the company side.

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of working with the Applied IoT Technology Gateway cluster, we’d love to hear which one of your innovative projects you are going to work on first?

For more information on the Applied IoT Cluster check out their webpage or follow them on Twitter.

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